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PS3 Slim Now Official

Aug 19, 20090

Remember the rumours of a slimmer version of the PS3 around the time of E3? Well it turns out that it has been announced ...

Sony’s E3 Conference Announcements

Jun 4, 20090

Sony’s E3 press conference was longer than Microsoft’s but the content wasn’t as densely packed with quite a few trailers to pad things out. Jack Tretton, ...

What’s Expected from the Big 3 at E3?

May 28, 20092

Taking place next week is E3, a yearly even where games, consoles, services and related paraphernalia are revealed. In the run up to every ...

Want a cheaper PS3? You’re in luck…slightly

Oct 9, 20070

Looks like something has changed at Sony. Last week they announced a new addition to their line-up of SKUs to provide cheaper access to the ...