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May 18, 20090

commentlogosThe blog is a bit quiet when it comes to comments, maybe you don’t want to comment, maybe there is nothing worth commenting on. If however you don’t want to comment as it requires yet another registration and account details to remember then Disqus is here to help you and me.

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Windows 7 RC1 Available to All

May 5, 20095

In a third post about Microsoft, if you are a “PC” or are looking to try out the next iteration of Windows…Windows 7, then you may be happy to hear that it is now available to download.

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Microsoft Tag, Not Just Any Old Tag

May 5, 20090

I was tempted to write about Microsoft Tag when Long Zheng mentioned it over on his blog in January, but other than being a new format in the tag-space there wasn’t much else to it other than carrying more data in a smaller area than say a standard QRCode.

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Microsoft Vine, the Social Emergency Tool

Apr 29, 20090

vinelogo Microsoft have been working on what at first glance, might look like a Live Messenger like utility. What differs with Vine is that it is focused on staying in contact with those that are close to you in times of need, such as natural disasters, maybe riots or any situation where you might want to make arrange a quick plan for safety or survival. With the communication features that are built in, it could be used beyond this into everyday group organisation.

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Google and Samuel Morse – No Google Morse :(

Apr 27, 20090

Just a quick post noting Google’s logo commemorating Samuel Morse’s birthday. Had he been alive he would have been 218 and the World’s Oldest Man!

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The Pirate Bay Found Guilty

Apr 17, 20090

tpbThe four men who founded the torrent site The Pirate Bay (pirate as in copyright, not ‘shiver me timbers’), who have been through a nine day trial, have been found guilty of assisting users in downloading copyrighted materials (read: games, music, video).

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Apple’s iPhone 3.0 Software Preview

Mar 17, 20090

A little after 5pm local time, 10am in Cupertino, California, Apple began their preview of the features coming to the iPhone 3.0 software. Steve Jobs wasn’t there but in his place was Apple COO, Steve Cook.

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BMW and Thermaltake Create Prototype Computer Chassis

Mar 10, 20090

Yes, that’s the BMW of car manufacturing fame. BMW, like Porsche, has a design subsidiary that designs products for various product sectors. Their latest piece of work is a concept high-end gaming tower for Thermaltake called Level 10, which was “…inspired by gaming”.

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Stop Google.com Redirecting to Your Local Google

Mar 1, 20090

googleicons In my Firefox bookmarks toolbar I have two bookmarks for Google, one for Google.com and the other for Google.co.uk – where the “pages from the UK” radio button is already selected.

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Formula 1 Back on the BBC – Murray Walker Also!

Feb 27, 20090

bbcsportlogo After the BBC obtained the rights to Formula 1 TV coverage in the UK last year there has been much speculation as to whether Murray Walker will return to commentate and who, if any, of the ITV F1 team will keep their roles at the BBC.

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