Warning for N97 Users: Potential Fire Hazard

Aug 12, 20092

ca-146c If you have a Nokia N97, you will probably have received the Nokia CA-146C in the box, an adapter so you can use the two popular Nokia chargers (3.5mm and 2mm connections) with your N97 which uses a Micro USB connection.

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Facebook Takes Friendfeed Under Its Wing

Aug 11, 20090

facefeed friendbook friendfeed facebook Friendfeed, a content aggregator, has been acquired by Facebook, who, besides Twitter are another major rival in the battle for users even though the services can be complimentary.

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When Web Design Goes Wrong

Jul 23, 20090

No, it’s not another of those programmes like When Stunts Go Bad, but based on the efforts of the branding and web department at or working for Be Broadband, you could start work on such a programme.

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A Problem with the Nokia N97

Jul 17, 20094

Nokia N97 - Low memory error - techstatic.net I’ve had the Nokia N97 for a few weeks now and am getting used to the small niggles and problems that were observed during the initial setup of the device along with some minor awkwardness scrolling the menus due to being left-handed. One of the biggest, if not THE biggest problem with Nokia’s flagship(!) handset is the way storage has been implemented and used on the handset.

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Additional Updates Available for the Nokia N97

Jul 16, 20091

Hot on the heels of the v11 update for the UK version of the sim free Nokia N97, is an update for a few items on the N97 as well as a much needed optimisation.

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Office 2010 In a Browser Near You

Jul 16, 20090

Microsoft Office 2010 logo Last week, Google revealed that they are working on an operating system to be named the same as their browser, Chrome. It was suspected that the announcement by Google was to whip up some headlines ahead of a Microsoft event on Monday expected to reveal Office 2010.

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V11 Update for Sim-Free Nokia N97 UK Available

Jul 13, 20095

N97 Software Version - techstatic.net Today, the v11.0.021 update for the UK variant of the sim free N97 has finally gone live. For those who were considering switching to the Euro product codes, you no longer need to do so. I have a Black UK handset on product code 0585162 which updated successfully.

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I have a Nokia N97…

Jul 9, 20090

The Nokia N97 was released ‘sim-free’ in the UK a week before it was available for purchase on contract with the mobile networks. I chose to purchase the N97 in black and I am tied into an 18 month contract for it. For those interested, the handset was £29.99 on a £35 a month tariff including T-Mobile’s Internet add-on. Yes, I paid for it but whether paid for or not, I can be just as critical or praising of a product. Over a few articles I will write about the handset, software, shortcomings and improvements. Today, I start with my observations of the handset itself.

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Excuse the mess…

Jun 20, 20090

Apologies in advance to those who drop by the site, I will be messing with the themes and appearance of the site. I had settled on the brilliantly simple Journalist theme by Lucian E. Marin. After suspecting a problem with my net connection and trying a Google search for this site, I found out that another similarly named site called The Techstatic (not in any way related to this site) is already using the theme, oh well, on goes the search :)

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New Xbox 360 in 2010

Jun 18, 20090

Natal Xbox 360 2010 mockup - of course this isn't real, I bodged it together! According to Steve Ballmer, there will be a new Xbox 360 coming in 2010.  Rumours have been going around of a new model of Xbox 360 and not a complete replacement for the current Xbox 360. 1up have speculated that the new model of Xbox 360 will be a bit more powerful than the current models of Xbox 360 and will include the hardware for Natal, which will be available for existing 360 owners to purchase separately.

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