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Want Hotmail on your iPhone? POP3 Access is Enabled | Techstatic
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Want Hotmail on your iPhone? POP3 Access is Enabled

Feb 14, 2009

In January, the Windows Live team announced that POP3 access was enabled for Hotmail in the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Having just read on Lifehacker that an insider tip to Ars Technica revealed that POP3 access has been rolled out to the US and Brazil, I thought it might be appropriate to remind those with iPhones what this means…

Yes, you can now access Hotmail on the iPhone, no need to pay for apps from the App Store, just put the following settings into your device’s email client:

POP server: pop3.live.com (Port 995)
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example yourname@hotmail.com
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: smtp.live.com (Port 25)
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

advanced settings finalsettingsincoming settingsEnjoy!